More than 140 ‘Belgian’ children in the former IS-caliphate

787c9722d038a5f19d4927e0b6175617 - More than 140 ‘Belgian’ children in the former IS-caliphate

In the former IS-caliphate in Syria and Iraq are currently more than 140 children of possible Belgian origin. That, says Paul Van Tigchelt, the chief of the Ocad.

Of Tigchelt spoke Wednesday afternoon at a seminar on the approach of the return of European-children. The seminar was organized by European Parliament member Hilde Vautmans (Open VLD) and the three other members of the liberal ALDE group.

According to the Ocam life even more than 140 ‘Belgian’ children in Syria and Iraq. “Also, are but a few known cases of children older than ten, of whom we know that they are a military trained’, said Of Tigchelt. ‘Most of them are between 0 and 3 years old. You don’t need an academic to know that these children are also victims. Up to 75 percent is younger than six years old and born in IS-field.’

In 2017 returned eight Belgian children to our country. They were all still very young, some no older than a few weeks.

Also adults

It is difficult to know where the children currently in Iraq or Syria to stay exactly there, said Of Tigchelt. They also have not all, a priori, the right to come to Belgium, or to return, because it is not always to prove that they are effective in (a) Belgian parent(s) are descended.

Of Tigchelt also found that approximately 410 adult Belgians or persons who stayed in Belgium to the conflict zone in Iraq and Syria is gone. For this, a third have certainly died, is a third returned (especially in 2013-2015), and a third still there. “We do not always know exactly where they are and many of them may be killed, but we don’t know for sure’, said Of Tigchelt.

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