Ex-chief of Big Brother: Barbie victim makers soap

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Ex-chief of Big Brother: Barbie victim makers soap

Samantha de Jong alias Barbie./ANP

Chef of the first reality-soap on Dutch tv Hummie van der Tonnekreek about the demise of Barbie.

Realityster Barbie took a few weeks ago to a drug overdose. The police and her mother met Samantha the Young, as they are really hot, unconscious, and took her to a hospital. It was a suicide attempt, said The Young after they had joined. ‘Everywhere I read that I was a bad mother and the whore play. I could no longer handle it’.

The 28-year-old Scheveningen in 2010 was nationally known by her sun tan appearance in Oh Oh Cherso, a reality tv series in which eight young people from Den Haag and surrounding area for a number of weeks in a luxury villa in the Greek feestoord Hersonissos were put up with a lot of gezuip and geseks as a result. It was one of the best viewed RTL5 programs ever. It Later appeared Barbie also in spin-off Oh Oh Tirol and in the second season of Oh Oh Cherso, and then she can have her own reality show.


The ninth season of the series, Samantha and Michael, separating it out, was last year broadcast and is what Barbie is concerned the last. In the Story she went last year to los on RTL: “I have so much to swallow. For years they have given me for the 25,000 euros that I got as a whore treated. I felt like a pop. They wanted to be on tv a hysterical Barbie, then they made me so upset, I automatically threw a tantrum. And if they have a cheerful Barbie wanted, they promised me heaven and earth.’

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The great error

Hummie van der Tonnekreek, in 1999 editor-in-chief of Big Brother, the first realityprogramma on Dutch television, sees the demise of Barbie with sadness. “Makers want to that what is happening in a reality-soap. They explore their limits and go over there then get over it. In a great error. That way there are casualties.”

Hummie van der Tonnekreek.

Obviously, the creators under pressure, she knows. “If it does not move, it touches everyone in a panic, so it works in tv. But most creators don’t know how things that are fun or funny in a different way to get than with alcohol or by people on the red hunt. They also do not have the patience to wait until there’s naturally what happens.”

The finalists of Big Brother at the beginning of 2000 with (left to right) eventual winner Bart, Ruud and Willem.


“I don’t know how in the programs of today, but Big Brother was a psychologist connected. Against her, I said, ” you can keep not only the residents but also me in the eye, eh? If I go crazy, go do this, you must immediately say’. Because it is awfully tempting to people crazy things to do. But then you have the fingers to be tapped. John de Mol and producer Paul Römer wanted to silliness at all, who said: ‘that candidates must be healthy to the house and there is also healthy again’.

Green beans

To the soap operas with Barbie, she can look barely. “It’s a madhouse: marriage, children, new breasts, separating… When you acted, you can at a given moment home to the green beans, but this is her real life! Her real life by the creators scripted and on the duration so it actually no longer exists. Then, you have lost the way. At any time you can also absolutely do not say that someone all have free will to do and knows what she is doing. “They want it anyway?”, I hear then. Crap, that stage is they long past.”

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