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Create in an instant a beautiful presentation

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Developer FiftyThree threw in 2012 high eyes with the drawing application Paper by Apple at the time, was named iPad app of the year. The company launched recently a new application. Who listens to the name to Paste and it should be easier to make presentations in other hand.

Just like with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can Paste all kinds of presentations create a business presentation with or without figures on the items on the agenda for a meeting to a colourful mood board. The great asset of the app is actually identical to that of the award-winning Paper: very easy to use, but still more than enough functionality for good results to come.

Automatically synchronized

To start, you can easily a variety of content to add to your ‘decks’, such as presentations in Paste are called. Think of a photo, video or gif file, but also complete documents, such as pdfs or rekenvellen with graphs. When you have a URL to insert appears even neatly a preview of the website in question on your deck, complete with a rear shade and auto-formatted (taking into account the other text or photos on a slide). On photos and videos in the presentation can moreover be easily zoomed, because also Fit the original images to save.

The app also lends itself perfectly to in teams on presentations to tinker. Per mail and invited colleagues will be able to the decks to view, edit or comment on a text or emoji, such as a thumb up. Completely satisfied with your work? Then you can bring the presentation to share on the basis of a link or convert to the pdf format.

Incidentally, the presentations on your iOS device is automatically synced with the Paste website, and vice versa. Decks create or modify can also through the browser on your Windows pc or Mac.

The Fit app is available for iPhone and iPad, but is, of course, the best result on the large screen of Apple’s tablet. The free version supports three decks, for additional projects is a subscription requiring monthly payments $ 8 pay – equivalent to 6.5 euro.

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