Charles Michel: ‘Fruitful visit in Moscow

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Prime minister Charles Michel took his two-day visit to Moscow ‘fruitful’. “This put Belgium on the international map, but also in the cockpit of the European Union, as I had long been in want,” said the head of government Wednesday night.

Michel spoke more than two hours with Russian president Vladimir Putin in his residence Novo-Ogariovo, just a few kilometres from the capital. During that maintenance, both parties have their views on different themes, such as the Ukrainian crisis, Syria and the fight against terrorism, said Michel afterwards. At the meeting were also minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and deputy prime minister Dimitri Ragozine.

“I think I have some of the subtleties and finer points of the European dynamic, I was able to explain that by Russia as possible, with a few prejudices to be viewed. We must try to clarify, without naivety, and in the awareness of the interlocutor facing us. I have the impression that in the past 48 hours, in that respect are fertile for Belgium, according to Michel.

“The past years were complicated between Russia and Europe. I have the impression that there is interest for some other form of dialogue between Moscow and Brussels could be’, concluded the premier.

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