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Aunt Terry is buried in Temse

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A TV-icon Aunt Terry on February 10, buried in The dekenale church of Our Lady in Temse, where they are on the end of her life has lived.

“I have her known as a radiant lady who is a freshness showed that was not proportionate with her age,’ says mayor De Rijck in Temse. “She still has a beautiful old experienced the day.’

There is no book open in Temse, but Antwerp can supporters find a place to say goodbye to Esther Van Ginderen-Verbeeck, who Tuesday at the age of 86 died.

There is a large crowd expected on the uitvaartplechtigheid in Temse. The mayor has police asked for it to happen in the right direction. Whom the celebration would like to attend is welcome, but the family asks for a serene farewell.

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