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Anouk auction Contest-booties

77851cda3f771130193c9a22a79a048d - Anouk auction Contest-booties

Grab your chance. Anouk auction this week, with the ankle boots she wore at the Eurovision song Contest in 2013. They do this for the Sikkelcelfonds.

So to see Anouk shoes are not much more worn after the song Contest, the walkers still look pico bello out. You must be deep in the pockets for the few to gain access to the counter now stands at 606 euros, and the auction runs for 5 days.


The money goes to the Sikkelcelfonds. Sickle cell disease is an inherited, fatal blood disease annually, 300,000 children worldwide are being born.

The coming weeks will auction Anouk even more private things, including her outfit for the blind auditions at The Voice of Holland.

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