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Yulia Samojlova should go to the Eurovision song Contest

Last year was the rolstoelgebonden Yulia denied by Ukraine because they are in 2015 illegal had occurred in the Crimea. And so, if Yulia her song Flame is burning is not played.

She got as punishment a re-entry ban of three years. After a lot of mediation from the organization if Yulia her song still via a satellite link to sing, but there was Russia after all that hassle again, no pull in.

New song

Now, Yulia so go to the Eurovision song Contest in Portugal and there she is very happy with it: ‘finally! I have so long to wait!’. The song Flame is burning is now in a drawer gathering dust, Yulia goes with a new song to Lisbon where they were in the first semi-final, a competitor will have for Waylon.


It is the second time in the history of the Eurovision song Contest that an artist in a wheelchair participate. The first was in 2015 for the Polish singer Monika Kuszyńska.

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