These five kijkcijferhits we have not thought of myself

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These five kijkcijferhits we have not thought of myself

The candidates of the new season of Wie Is De Mol, a program that in the late 90s by four Belgians, was developed./Photo: Michel Schnater

You didn’t maybe know it, but these five large kijkcijferkanonnen on the Dutch television are sourced from abroad.

Farmer Wants A Wife

Invented in: Switzerland
Best viewed episode last season: 4.5 million viewers

In Switzerland was already in 1983 a program broadcasted Bauer Sucht Bäuerin was called. Only in 2001, popped up again on, in Great Britain under the title Farmer Wants a Wife. In the original format, a number of farmers with surrender? women in the city face, after which they can choose with whom they want to continue. In the Netherlands the Farmer wants a Wife since 2004 broadcast. The most popular episode of Farmer wants a Wife last year, was good for 4.5 million viewers and thus are best viewed non-sports program of the year.

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Farmer Herman and Fleur from Farmer wants a Wife Internationally last year./ANP

All Of Holland Bakes

Invented in: England
Best viewed episode last season good for: 3.7 million viewers

It finds its origin in the English The Great British Bake Offsince 2010 is broadcast on BBC Two. Omroep Max bought a license and forward since 2013 all of Holland Bakes. In Britain, the program as a success, as well as a number of spin-offs by the way, such as Junior Bake Off for baking children and Bake Off: Crème de la Crème, a competition for professional bakers.

Who Is The Mole

Invented in: Belgium
Best viewed episode last season: 3.6 million viewers

The reality game The Mole was in 1998 by four directors of the Belgian production company Woestijnvis conceived and a year later produced and broadcast. The made it to high ratings, and in 2000 won the program’s prestigious Rose d’or at the televisiefestival of Montreux. The format is up to more than fifty countries, including the Netherlands, so, sold. Who Is The Mole went, just as The Mol in Belgium, in 1999. The first four seasons was still with unknown Dutch people played.


Invented in: England
Best viewed episode last season good for: 2.4 million viewers

Of origin British entertainment programme of the BBC since 2012 also in the Netherlands is being broadcast. In the program, presented by Frits Sissing, take eight CELEBRITIES without dirigeerervaring in eight episodes against each other. A three-headed jury decides who the episodes survive and who will ultimately Maestro crowned. In the Netherlands the program a lot better than in England, where it was already after one season of the tube was removed.

The Smartest Man

Invented in: Belgium
Best viewed episode last season good for: 1.6 million viewers

The Smartest Man In the World is called the program in full since 2003 in Belgium, transmitted, and where the Dutch, The Smartest Man on the is based. Film director Erik Van Looy presents this best viewed quiz of Flanders and he is assisted by a two-headed jury, which provides for additional contributions at the questions, non-verbal representations, and – especially – biting jokes. Originally there was in Belgium, just as in the Netherlands with Maarten van Rossem, there is a one-man-sidekick.

Presenter Philip Freriks of The Smartest Man./ANP

Hollandse Hits

The top of the list megapopulaire television programs that do a Dutch cooker is currently, of course, led by The Luizenmoeder, the comedyreeks of the AVROTROS on Sunday, 2.4 million viewers attracted. Last year also did It To the End Of The World (best viewed episode, 3.2 million viewers), The Voice of Holland (2.6 million), The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen (2.5 million), Flikken Maastricht (2.4 million) and the TV Show (also 2.4 million.

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