The Kennedy’s against the Trumps

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Donald Trump keeps coming night his first State of the Union address as the president of the United States. At least as much are looking forward to the reply from the Democrats. Receives Joseph Kennedy the word. Family, of course.

It is a remarkable night for American politics. President Donald Trump for the first time, his ‘throne speech’ speak to the U.s. Congress. Surprises are less than expected …

It is a remarkable night for American politics. President Donald Trump for the first time, his ‘throne speech’ speak to the U.s. Congress. Surprises are less than expected, the plea of Trump has gradually everyone and it is likely to be little different from his speech at the World Economic Forum last week in Swiss Davos. It will go over his immigratieplan and his plan about the infrastructure of the United States. It is an ‘incredible speech, ” said spokeswoman Sarah Sanders of the White House already. About the role of Russia in the election of Trump would not a word be said.

Furthermore, it would Melania Trump for the first time since a week again publicly at the side of her husband appear. It will be the first time that the couple together for the footlights since the rumour went round that a porno in the run-up to the presidential elections, money got to have an affair a decade earlier – when Melania was pregnant with Barron Trump – keep quiet. Since that story appeared, appeared Melania Trump three times in public. With a private agenda, though, not with the presidential.

At least as intense is, however, awaited the reply of the counterparty. The Democrats have this year chosen for the 37-year-old Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, Joe Kennedy. Distant relatives of the presidential sex, and no coincidence of course. For a Kennedy to play hope for the Democrats to divert attention away from the message of Donald Trump.

Who is Joseph Kennedy III?

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III since January 2013 in the House of Representatives for the Democrats. He is (obviously) a scion of the Kennedy dynasty.

Joseph is the youngest of a twin, his brother Matthew is eight minutes older. Joseph and Matthew are the grandsons of Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy, who was a minister of Justice was when he was in June 1968 was murdered. Bobby Kennedy was the younger brother of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

Why choose the Democrats are now for him?

A little bit for symbolic reasons. As I said, Joseph Kennedy III, the grandson of Bobby Kennedy. This year (on June 5) it is fifty years ago that when leaving a verkiezingsmeeting in a hotel in Los Angeles was murdered, shortly after he had announced that he presidential candidate would be.

Kennedy is the rising star of the Democrats. He is the one that Obamacare continued to defend when Trump wanted to fire. It is expected that he will be more than just Kennedy called.

For which ‘state’ Joseph III?

According to majority leader Nancy Pelosi of the Democrats is Joe Kennedy, a steadfast warrior for ‘the working American’. According to a statement from Pelosi understands Kennedy perfectly the challenges facing the hardworking man and woman in the United States. It is then – according to her – in stark contrast to Trump, that his electoral promise vis-à-vis the American middle class constantly breaks.

Kennedy is going to Trump counter, that is clear. The Democrats were already know that they are a military transgender, Patricia King, as guest of honour have invited. That is an answer to the ban on military transgender people that the government-Trump has previously issued.

After Kennedy gets the political newcomer Elizabeth Guzman the word. It’s only since the beginning of this month in the House of Representatives and Pelosi solicited on behalf of the hispanics Trump response should be. Guzman, who is from Peru came to the U.S., had already know that they are not the speech of Kennedy in Spanish would be over, but her own speech.


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