Seat Catalan parliament is delayed

264f83a142045afb4241fda8c1190f2a - Seat Catalan parliament is delayed

Normal had the Catalan parliament this afternoon on the nomination of Carles Puigdemont to vote for.

The president of the Catalan parliament, Roger Torrent, in the morning on a love-organized press conference was informed that the scheduled hearing is postponed. It was intended that the members of parliament this afternoon to vote on the candidacy of Carles Puigdemont as minister-president of Catalonia. “The session is postponed, but they shall in no case be canceled … and there will be no other candidate to be proposed,” said Torrent of the left republican party ERC.

The chairman of the parliament is trying just to win time. Saturday had the judges of the Constitutional Court decided that the swearing-in of the Catalonian minister-president is only valid as Carles Puigdemont physically present. Since Puigdemont on the flight is for the Spanish court, was it as good as impossible that he is the oath would be able to cover.

In addition, the Spanish government said Friday that Puigdemont in any case, the new Catalan minister-president could be, because there is a arrest warrant against him is issued. Therefore she had appealed to the Constitutional Court against the possible nomination of Puigdemont in the Catalan parliament. On that appeal, the Constitutional Court issued a ruling.

Torrent now wants clarity before the Catalan parliament convenes to vote on the candidacy of Puigdemont. It is not yet known when that will be.

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