Rapper Sjors is going to collaborate with Kim Holland

Rapper Sjors is going to collaborate with Kim Holland

Rapper Sjors. Photo: Videostill.

The new pornocarrière of rapper Sjors gets a new boost. Porn actress Kim Holland has announced the rapper is to have approached a production for the tv channel Girls from Holland. The rapper did not have long to think about it and said ‘yes’.

Debut Sjors

Holland had previously been positive about the first pornovideo of rapper Sjors, which he shared via his channel on Pornhub. The video with shemale Raika was massively viewed, and created a storm of responses on social media.

Monday night, she told a nice conversation with the rapper to have had: “I had, of course, the debut of seen it, and it really suits us.”

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‘Let’s Go’

Rapper Sjors, who gained a reputation after his performance in Man Bites Dog, has also already reacted to the news. He let know looking forward to the cooperation with Holland, who held him in her video “a man with balls’ called the ‘respectful to girls”: “You sounded itself also spontaneously on the phone. Yeah, let’s go,” said Sjors.

Further promised Sjors its best to do with it and he expressed the wish that Holland will do. Time will tell.

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