Puigdemont: “No other candidate possible for Catalonia to lead

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Although he Tuesday the oath could not travel as minister-president of Catalonia, the separatist politician Carles Puigdemont themselves still as the only possible leader of the region. “There is no other candidate as possible,” he said in a video via Twitter, was distributed.

‘There is mathematically no other combination possible’ in the Catalan parliament, for example, Puigdemont his position.

The separatists have an absolute majority in the regional chamber. This can only be a candidate to be referred to when the onafhankelijkheidsgezinde parties Junts per Catalonia (JxCat) and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) to decide Puigdemont to drop.

It was intended that Puigdemont Tuesday afternoon, the oath would take during a session in parliament. But the swearing-in was delayed because they are not in a normal way. Upon arrival in Spain is imminent Puigdemont still to be picked up, and the possibility of an investiture by videoconference to expire, by the Spanish Constitutional Court rejected.

To the Catalan parliament in Barcelona on Tuesday, thousands of people on the street came to protest against the delay.

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