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Nations League match between Croatia and England will take place behind closed doors

The duel between Croatia and England of the 12th of October in the UEFA Nations League will continue without supporters. That the European Football association (UEFA) on Tuesday announced.

The match behind closed doors because of a UEFA pronounced penalty after June 2015, a swastika was placed on the field in Split for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying match against Italy. The UEFA devised Croatia with two home matches without spectators. In October 2015, played the Croats already in an empty stadium against Bulgaria. Since then, they have worked not a UEFA home game more. The duel in Split against Italy was already behind closed doors played as punishment for racist spreekkoren of Croatian fans in a previous international match.

In the A-division of UEFA Nations League, a brand new landencompetitie, takes on England in group of 4 continue on against Spain. The Red Devils meet Switzerland and Iceland in group 2.

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