Man dies after he is in the MRI scanner is lifted

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An Indian man died after he was in an MRI scanner was sucked when he was a family member visited a hospital in Mumbai. A doctor and another staff member be suspected of negligence.

The 32-year-old Rajesh Maru was by a doctor and another employee asked for a bottle to a room with an MRI scanner, ” says the uncle of the victim.

By the large magnetic force of the device was Maru in the unit. According to an initial investigation, died in the thirties by the inhalation of liquid oxygen from the bottle, which probably became damaged by the blow.

The staff member had Maru assured that the MRI scanner was off. ‘It was his task to such incidents, ” says the uncle of Maru. “He let my family members which room to enter, while the unit was. We are devastated.’


The employee and a doctor suspected of negligence. The hospital is investigating the incident. The local government of the state of Maharashtra, the survivors ‘ compensation offered 500,000 rupees (about 6.300 euro).

A MRI-scanner, the abbreviation comes from magnetic resonance imaging, uses a powerful magnetic field to take images of organs. Objects with ferrous metals to be thereby attracted and may, therefore, not in the space.

In 2001, in New York, a six-year-old boy killed when a metal oxygen tank into the machine flew and him touched.

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