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KV Mechelen asks acquittal for Beqiraj: “He wanted to loosen”

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KV Mechelen is in full degradatiestrijd and therefore counts on his Montenegrin topaankoop Fatos Beqiraj, who, after his red card against STVV looking at three days suspension. The red lantern called Tuesday for the acquittal. “Beqiraj want to just disconnect, because Kotysch him holding on to his shirt”, defended secretary Herman Stijlemans are poulain.

In the final stage of the match in Sint-Truiden (2-0) got Beqiraj a red card to Wesley Alen. According to his assistant informed the Montenegrin striker a “brutal elbow strike from at the height of the chest, while the ball is not in the game.” “Violent conduct”, concluded Alen.

For the Bondsparket was the action “totally unacceptable”. “Beqiraj looking for three times the contact. The third time he is tired and he responds with an act of aggression”, was the analysis of a prosecutor Gilles Blondeau. For “the whole of the facts,” said the Bondsparket three days suspension and a fine of 800 euros.

KV Mechelen are going to not agree and even asked the acquittal. “As with any stationary phase, there was contact between defender and striker. That is never signaled. Kotysch does Beqiraj, with his elbow he makes fairly”, explained Stijlemans. “There is no question of ‘brutality, a punch to the chest or reprehensible behaviour’, such as the ref in his report writes. Kotysch wanted to be in the slotminuten time and the referee being deceived. There must be our topaankoop not punished for it, certainly not now, KV Mechelen is in a difficult position.”

Beqiraj was followed by the club secretary. “I wanted to Kotysch not injure, then I had him in the face slapped. As a striker you’ve continuously such a contact, but I’m also not always lie. I see the ball toward the first pole to go, but he hold me. With my arm I made me, which he theatrically get knocked out. After 20 seconds, was he all right and he could play football,” said the 29-year-old Montenegrin international, who in his whole career, never-before red got.

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