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Kortrijk option on cup final after victory against Genk

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KV Kortrijk Tuesday in the heenwedstrijd of the semi-finals of the Croky Cup Racing Genk knocked with 3-2. The 2-2 half time, after a spectacular first half on the board stood, it seemed the end position to be. To Rougeaux in the final stage, Kortrijk is still the victory gave.

The first major chance was for Kortrijk, but Colley wiped the water level of D’haene of the line. In the following tegenprik climbed Genk the lead. Samatta devieerde a free-kick from Malinovski to Ingvartsen (18.), the ball to the second pole binnenwerkte. The response from the home side was not long in coming. Ajagun (24.) blasted from outside the sixteen the second half on the board. Kortrijk showed the most initiative, and was rewarded when Azouni (36.) the rebound on a solid swipe of Ajagun used. Genk had to the law of the strongest to undergo, and Vukovic kept Makarenko of the 3-1. Nevertheless, the Figures on the stroke of rest at the same height. Buffalo (45.+2) took advantage of strife for purpose and clean the 2-2.

In the second half yielded Kortrijk and Genk have a lot of battle, but the real opportunities were. None of both teams wanted a third goal to collect and however, therefore, all large risks. Kortrijk scored almost 3-2 when Van Der Bruggen after poor astonished of Dewaest almost Vukovic surprised, but the Australian was in the lesson. The home team put on a final offensive, but seemed to be in his teeth to bite on a secuurder defensive Genk. To Rougeaux (88.) to the second pole, an extended free-kick against the ropes and drove and Kortrijk victory helped.

The return is next week Tuesday (06/02) in the province of Limburg on the agenda. In the other semi-final bikkelen Standard and match organiser Club Brugge for a place in the last two.

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