Ireland organises referendum on abortion

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The Irish government will organise a referendum on the legalisation of abortion. That made prime minister Leo Varadkar Monday night known. The plebiscite in the predominantly catholic country will be at the end of may will be held.

The referendum will not be on the adoption of a specific law, but about the preservation or deletion of the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution. That establishes that an unborn child the same right to life as the mother, what is abortion in principle in all circumstances illegal, even though the life of the mother is in danger.

In that last case had been an exception after the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012 in a hospital in Galway, died of a blood poisoning.

If the Irish people the eighth amendment deletes, will the parliament have the possibility to get new legislation to ensure that abortion allows up to the twelfth week of the pregnancy. It would have strict conditions attached.


Varadkar said Monday night that he will advocate for the deletion of the amendment. “We know that every year thousands of Irish women, from each county of the country, for abortions abroad. We know that many women abortuspillen per post to get in their pregnancies to terminate. We have abortions in Ireland, but which are unsafe, unregulated and illegal’, according to the premier.

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