In the schoolyard, that is the inner circle of the hell

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A tv comedy that already has led to a carnavalshit by André van Duin: you think that you better you let go. You have the error.

The NRC Handelsblad, a quality newspaper led by one of the best editor-in-chief of all time, is wildly enthusiastic about The Luizenmoeder, a tv comedy of the Avro and Tros on NPO 3: “You will hear …

The NRC Handelsblad, a quality newspaper led by one of the best editor-in-chief of all time, is wildly enthusiastic about The Luizenmoeder, a tv comedy of the Avro and Tros on NPO 3: “You hear sometimes that nine months after an electrical a remarkable spike in birth rates occurs. If in the Netherlands about nine months, suddenly understand, much less children be born, then I know how it is. Then The Luizenmoeder done, the series in which the schoolyard the inner circle of hell.”

Sunday brought out the range of 2.4 million viewers. So it was best viewed NPO 3-program ever.

What is it about?

The series takes place at a Dutch primary school. Not so much the life of the school is central, the relationship between the school and the meddling parents. Very recognizable for anyone who already in the school are children to wait. It is a world where birthday parties – who invites who and who does not? – the hell-fire.

For Jan Albert de Weerd, producer and director of the series, it is the main reason why the series has a lot of success: “in The schoolyard: everyone knows it. Even if you’re childless – after all, you have yourself ever at the school. We show is a reflection of the world at this time. If you the Netherlands is reduced to represent, then you come to the schoolyard, ” he told The Newspaper.

Furthermore, insert the series like the dragon with the woolly, politically correct, overpamperende attitude of ‘education’. There is the soft

head teacher, Anton, who has a conflict with a subordinate settled with the words: ‘you Know how difficult it is for me to get you to blame?’ A phrase that seems straight out of a booklet full of well-intentioned advice to managers.

There Is a problem with the parental participation? Organizes the school just a participatieavond about the parent participation. And to make it extra fun to make, treats to the school on pizza. The ouderparticipizza is born. (Do not tell your school board or who sees bread in.)

And then there are the many schoolregeltjes which are in good jobs, are trying to lead. Such as the rule that determines the amount of time parents and their children may nawuiven. Of course, there is also a tractatiebeleid and a verjaardagsprotocol about how birthdays should be celebrated. This causes a child to hear that today is not birthday, because mama had forgotten that in the groepsapp to report’.

No one is normal

It should, of course, as in comedy: also in The Luizenmoeder , nobody is normal. The director is a wimp really, the parents – mothers especially – are wolvinnen that after two sweet sentences, with a third of their partner to the ground unit, the teacher is a strict, rectilinear stresskip.

Treat with sugary sweets? That she’d rather not. ‘Then they get twice as much sugar. You try 25 stuiterballetjes than but once to learn mathematics. And three of them have ADHD, so which count for two. So then you have 25 plus two times three is six plus the original 25 is thirty, if you count there … Here! If I’m not already there. …’

It is the reality, but exaggerated and with a twist. And that is sometimes confronting. A dark father to let klassenavond, is immediately mistaken for a cleaner. Actor: Diederik Ebbinge (head teacher Anton) thinks that viewers ‘a scene as a liberating experience, ” because there is finally something on tv that so far.

Jan Albert de Weerd, producer of the series, adds (in The Newspaper): “We verbalize just what the Netherlands thinks. We have taken a good look at a large part of the Netherlands. How people think and talk in a small, medium-sized town or city. We have as little as possible limits, but it is intelligent humor, I think. There is not something called, because these people were there. Without that they consciously discriminate against or coarse. And because they are actually the best for you.”

And then, there is another André van Duin

Mrs. Ank begins each school day with the song ‘Hello to all, it’s good that you are there, you are for the first time here or have you been known? Stamp with your feet and your hands in the side, I’m Ank and who are you?’ The whole of the Netherlands knows the song in the meantime from the head.

In The World Running Through André van Duin, a language version of. For the joke. He wanted the number, not commercialize, but others have, meanwhile, is in his place.

All the episodes of The Luizenmoeder you will find hierterug.

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