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Girls, they make us so mad, sir

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Blanche: ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Hit’.

Five artists took two or more prizes to the eleventh edition of the MIA’s. The female artists benefit the most from that extension at the top: never were so many ladies have a MIA to take home.Nick De Leu

By the Olympic Winter games in South Korea’s Pyeonchang were the Grammy’s, the biggest party of the international music industry, a few weeks ahead pushed. This golden …

By the Olympic Winter games in South Korea’s Pyeonchang were the Grammy’s, the biggest party of the international music industry, a few weeks ahead pushed. This golden they are actually supporting the largest Flemish music festival: the MIA’s.

That gave Beyoncé and Jay-Z immediately a good excuse this year not to Palais 12 (Heysel) to bags – in Brussels, the live show provided by, among others, Lost Frequencies (which is a hattrick scored with again profit at ‘Dance’) and Raymond van het Groenewoud (which is a Lifetime Achievement Award – just a pity that he tenenkrullende presentation of Adriaan Van den Hoof for had to endure). But if it drips in America, it drips in Brussels.

So did the Grammy’s for the first time plenty of the map of the innovation. After years of traditionally black genres like r&b and hip-hop harshly treated, it seemed this year, it’s impossible for Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar to in addition to the prizes up for grabs. Also the Music Industry Awards this year, which cover in, with the new category of Urban. There could hiphopacts as a Pregnant Guy, Romeo, Elvis and Brihang finally put in the flowers. With Coely there was a serious winner.

Blanche above

The 24-year-old singer also proved to be illustrative for the cover, the organisers saw: never before fell so many women in the prices on the MIA’s as they are now.

A positive evolution, because last year, eyebrows gefronst when only Emma Bale, and Melanie De Biasio a price picked up. In addition, they received, respectively, in the only category without male competition (Solo woman) and for a cover photo made by one man: Stephan Vanfleteren. This year, five of the seventeen statues to a woman – just not third party. “And there should be more women in the fucking MIA’s,” said Coely in her acceptance speech. ‘Woman is the future, baby!’

Moreover, were the victories not in the least categories. Melanie De Biasio was rewarded as the ‘Author’ – unfortunately, she comes from next year no longer be eligible, because the jazz singer to Charleroi moved.

Songfestivalrevelatie Blanche made there is full use of that Brussels-based artists are eligible for a MIA. In the categories of ” Hit of the year’ and ‘Breakthrough’ she explained, respectively Milo Meskens and Tamino between her sandwich. This was the eighteen-year-old singer of ‘City lights’ was also the only one that 100 percent of its nominations, silver plated. It crowns a boerenjaar, because after her fourth place at the song Contest she won, earlier this week, also two prizes at the D6Bels, the French counterpart of the MIA’s. And that for an artist with only one single.

King Glitter

Tamino may the biggest losers of the evening, count: he knew none of his two nominations to redeem, in spite of a knoert a doorbraakjaar with profit in The New Generation, a magical Werchter-gig and the ubiquitous ‘Habibi’. The young man from antwerp breeds, however, on a debut album – next year could be very different.

In the category ‘Solo man’ had to Tamino beaten by Oscar and the Wolf. So could Max now its possible to go further to underline that he and he alone the lines off, despite the extensive occupation with which he tours. His Infinity was the most hyped-up Belgian release of the year, and with three MIA’s stuck now its possible to go this year, just above the suit. On his mantelpiece is decorated with eight statues, which King Glitter now on the third place in the eternal MIA-ranking, after Stromae (16) and the Netherlands (12), but just for Selah Sue (7).

The acidity was the evening for Soulwax. Their From Deewee got five nominations, but the brothers Dewaele had to be satisfied with ‘Best album’.

Continued for the ninth nomination in a row, with empty hands, behind: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Also, Bart Peeters and Amenra were none of their three nominations to redeem. But that the there dj-brothers, the frommelige Flemish singer and the pitch-black metal band, brotherly next to each other had been nominated, is in itself a victory worth: maybe start the MIA is becoming a true reflection of the national popwereld.

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