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Football clubs spent in 2017 worldwide, more than five billion euros

dac9bd8bcfc47cb8ef20471ec3d9b176 - Football clubs spent in 2017 worldwide, more than five billion euros

Football clubs worldwide in 2017, in an amount of at 6,37 billion dollars (5.1 billion euros) spent on international transfers. The grade is the last year by as much as 30 percent by the sharp increase in the transferbedragen. That makes FIFA TMS, the platform international transfers registers, known in a report

The figure exceeds the expectations of FIFA TMS. In 2016, the total transfercijfer after all still ‘only’ 4.8 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros). For this year, a figure close to 5 billion dollars (4 billion euros) is expected.

The reason for the strong rise in the past zomermercato. Transfers as that of Neymar, for 222 million euros from FC Barcelona, PSG, have the amount greatly increase.

FIFA TMS describes the increase as a “multiplier effect”. “Clubs will receive a larger transfer fees for certain players and re-invest those sums again in new players. So get back to other clubs for large sums of money and they reinvest that straight away”, what it sounds like.

Little amazing keep the English clubs the biggest publishers, with 1,64 billion dollars (1,32 billion euro). The transfers of PSG have ensured that France this year, on the second place, with 860 million (693 million euro). Further follow Spain with 730 million dollars (588 million euros), Germany with 722 million dollars (581 million euros) and Italy with 654 million dollars (527 million euro).

Brazilians remain the most coveted players, with 1.755 transitions on a total of 15.624 international transfers. Globally, all South American players popular. Brazilians, Argentines and Colombians defend together, a fifth of all the transferred players.

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