Dive Puigdemont today in Barcelona?

Explains Carles Puigdemont today the oath as the Catalan prime minister, and he moves also in the direction of Spain? Where the Catalan leader currently is, is not clear; according to the parliament in Barcelona are all options still on the table. Uncertainty asset.

Marketed Catalan leader must be today around 15 hours to take an oath as a Catalan prime minister. To do this, you are physically present in the parliament, the Constitutional Court judged last weekend. A swearing-in by video conference doesn’t count.

Problem: Puigdemont staying since the end of October, together with the half of his deposed government in our country, after the Spanish government of Catalonia under legal restraint placed after the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum the beginning of that month. The five of us is in Spain, wanted for rebellion and abuse of public money. They put a foot on Spanish soil, they are picked up.

Parliamentary immunity

But the separatist parties, including the JuntxCat of Puigdemont, retained after the Spain elections, however, their absolute majority in the parliament. Puigdemont thus seems to be the logical new leader of the Catalans.

Out of that stalemate, asked Puigdemont the Spanish supreme court last weekend, the permission to to Catalonia to go, but he caught bone. Puigdemont should the oath not only in person pass, but he must be on the advance personal offering to the court and the highest court of the land to ask permission to for the Catalan parliament to be allowed to appear.

Because it seems unlikely that he will consent, also, threw Puigdemont Monday in hastily an other bow. Catalan president Roger Torrent received a letter in which Puigdemont asks him his parliamentary immunity to ensure. According to the law, he can only be arrested if he is caught in the act is a crime, he argues. He asks Torrent to the necessary resources to protect the rights of the parliament and its members harmless’.

Replacement for Puigdemont?

A source inside the Catalan parliament, said Monday that ” all possibilities lie open’, though here and there whispered that the separatists and the piste-Puigdemont have left and are looking for a replacement. Oriol Junqueras would be the next name on the list, though the leader of the Catalan socialists themselves in the cell.

The parliament would be the swearing-in also can delay. According to the members of parliament is that slopes investigated, but also there are the Catalans with a problem. According to the electoral law, should a new government within ten working days after the first day of the term ingezworen. In practice: Wednesday. If not, there is the risk chairman of the Torrent of persecution.

The Spanish lawyer of Puigdemont said Monday on the radio that he and his client have not decided anything”. Where Puigdemont now, also know that last not. Three other Catalan ex-ministers to our country were fled, Lluis Puig Gordi, Meritxell Serret, and Clara Ponsatí, according to the newspaper El País already let us know they are today in any case not will be present. So wait.

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