Democrats block anti-abortuswet that was meant to put them under pressure to convert

In the U.s. Senate have the Democrats Monday, a motion rejected that an anti-abortuswet on the agenda of the Senate would convert. The Republicans had never the purpose to make the law effective to get, but wanted extra ammunition to gather for the mid-term losses of this year.

To the bill of the hand of the Republican Lindsey Graham – that provides for a ban on abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy and receives the support of president Donald Trump on the agenda, were 60 of the 100 votes needed. Although the Republicans with their narrow majority knew that the text insufficient aid would get, they brought the proposal deliberately to the vote.

So they wanted some Democrats from conservative states who in the mid-term losses of november (to which all members of the House of Representatives are elected and one-third of the Senate) re-emerge, be put under pressure to choose position.

Eventually the motion, with 51 votes for and 46 against as well as completely along party lines vote. Three Democratic senators voted for the text: Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. There kantten, however, also two Republicans against the bill: Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

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