Corruption investigation supplies Saudi Arabia 85 billion euro

20f5f6b85d479d900d189cbd269367af - Corruption investigation supplies Saudi Arabia 85 billion euro

The Saudi government has in a large anticorruptieonderzoek for more than 400 billion riyal, the euro 85 billion, and settlements affected. There are still 56 suspects locked up, says attorney-general Saud al-Mojeb.

The amount recovered includes ” various kinds of assets, including real estate, commercial, securities and cash money’, reports al-Mojeb.

In total, since november 381 people brought to trial in the fraud. Most of them have in the meantime, the debt is known and a settlement with the government affected. Others will no longer be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

In addition, there are 56 suspects who are detained. The government refused to effect a settlement with them, because they are also in other legal cases to be called.

The fraud in Saudi Arabia is of an unprecedented size. According to the channel Al-Arabiya are among the more eleven princes, four sitting ministers and 34 ex-ministers involved. The 62-year-old prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest people in the world, in time to come. He was only the past weekend released, after almost three months, was held in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

The fraud came at the initiative of crown prince Mohammed ben-Salman, who in recent months also was noticed with reform plans. According to different observers try Mohammed am Salman, who is seen as the actual leader of the country, with the research power still stronger.

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