Confidential report: ‘British economically worse off after Brexit’

7a098f5241a9fa0c0553d6e7deb245ae - Confidential report: ‘British economically worse off after Brexit’

In a confidential report, the British government stated that ” all sectors of the British economy will suffer from the British departure from the European Union’. Reports that the American news website Buzzfeed, that the report could be read. The British minister for Brexit David Davis refuses to respond.

According to the report, entitled ‘EU Exit Analysis’, which earlier this month was written, is the growth of the British economy in the coming 15 years, 5 percent lower than when the country is within the EU would have remained. That is on the condition that the British are a for them favourable trade treaty with the EU exit. Don’t they do that then the difference up to 8 percent.

The economic setback would apply to all economic sectors in all regions of the country. The most affected regions are the northeast, the west Midlands and Northern Ireland.

At the end of last week, the governor of the Bank of England is already known that the choice of the British people for a departure from the EU, the economy of the United Kingdom has tens of billions of pounds of work.

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