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Waylon in 2nd semi-final Eurovision song Contest

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Our own Waylon should be on Thursday 10 may to the trough on the Eurovision song Contest in Lisbon. That is, in the second semi-final. What song he is singing, is not yet known.

That leads Waylon only on march 10. The singer must, the ninth action is the last act before the break. Not a bad position, but a performance in the second half of the schedule would be something cheaper.

The competitors

Waylon takes it in his semi-final of the Eurovision song Contest on against Russia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Australia, Norway, Moldova, San Marino, Montenegro, Sweden, Hungary, Malta, Latvia, Georgia, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine. That sounds not as a sinecure.

Final on 12 may

The first semi-final with the other countries is on Tuesday 8 may. Portugal and the countries that pay much to the organization: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France, are already assured of a place in the final on 12 may.

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