Water level river Seine peak, decline can take weeks

The Seine in the night from Sunday to Monday, a peak level is reached, 5,84 meters, or more than four metres higher than the normal water level. The historical record of 1910 (8,62 metres high) remains untouched.

In the Parisian region (France) the past days hundreds of people evacuated as a result of the floods, which are caused by the heavy rainfall of the past few weeks and months.

The water was Sunday until the thigh of the famous statue of the Zouave (Zouave) to the pont de l’Alma. Seven stations on one of the main lines, the RER C, which remain closed in the French capital. The tourist boats are allowed to the river. In the larger surroundings of Paris are about 1,500 people evacuated from their homes.

According to the city council the water level of the Seine ‘very slow’ decline. As possible, it will still take weeks before the situation is back to normal.


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