Victims $ 600 million of city of New York

8f1618232d4f50bede369688ec5d4651 - Victims $ 600 million of city of New York

The victims of the terrorist attack in October 2017 in New York have filed suit against the city and demands a compensation of more than $ 600 million (486 million euro).

The family of the Belgian victim is claiming $ 30 million (24 million euros). That writes The New York Post Monday.

The attack took place on 31 October 2017, in Manhattan. The 29-year-old Uzbek Sayfullo Saipov drove a light truck into a bike – and pedestrian precinct in Manhattan. The man, who, since 2010 living in New Jersey and father of three, survived the attack and was transferred to the hospital. The attack would be in the name of Islamic State (IS) is performed.

In the attack also came in the 31-year-old Anne-Laure Decadt from Staden to life. The Belgian woman was together with her two sisters and mother on a citytrip in New York, when she was on the bike was hit by the terrorist.

The victims and their families have the city of New York sued. The New York Post writes Monday that the victims, convinced that the authorities are well aware of the fact that the area vulnerable to an incident and there’s nothing you did.

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