Trump is European trade policy ‘very unfair’

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American president Donald Trump believes that the European Union’s trade policy the United States ‘very unfair’ deals. That’s what he said in an interview Sunday evening on the British tv channel ITV has aired. Trump alluded also on possible countermeasures.

“The European Union, the United States is very unfairly treated in matters of trade’, according to the president in the interview Thursday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Swiss Davos, was recorded. ‘We get our products within. It is very, very difficult. And yet send out their products to us – no tax, very few taxes. It is very unfair.’

Trump warns of the possible consequences. “I have faced a lot of problems with the European Union, and it would be in something very grand can change from a commercial weight’, says the. “They are not the only one. I would much countries and cities can count who do. But the European Union is very, very unfairly, been compared to that of the United States. And I think that’s very much in their disadvantage will be.’

Trump understands Brexit

The American president gave to know that he understands why the British and the EU want to leave. ‘By the trade, but mainly due to immigration’, it sounds. “I know the British people and I understand them. They do not want that people from all over the world to Britain. They know nothing of those people.’ After the Brexit will the united states and the United Kingdom in addition, according to Trump a “great” trade exit.

Trump would be in the Brexit negotiations, say that they do a lot ‘harder’ than the British prime minister, Theresa May. He spoke with praise about her. May ‘does very well’, and the president has a ‘very good relationship’ with her. ‘I agree with a lot of what they do and a lot of what she says.’

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