Tourists arrested for ‘pornographic’ dance ‘ in Cambodia

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Ten tourists in Cambodia have been charged with creating pornographic images. If they be found guilty , they risk a prison sentence of one year.

On the photos that the local police has spread, is to see how a number of young people is quite loose at the dance. A few men and women are lying on the ground and images of sexual positions. And especially that last one proved a step too far in Siem Reap, the base for the famous temple complex of angkor Wat.

Year cell

The arrested tourists were present at a big party in a villa near Angkor Wat. According to the local authorities, the young people are extremely irreverent have borne, and have them as the national rules are broken.

Five Britons have been arrested, along with tourists from Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway.

When the lawsuit precisely begins, it is not yet known. But if the right group of tourists, guilty, them to years in prison be imposed.

It would not be the first time that Cambodia foreign tourists is punishing to such facts. In 2015, a Dutch arrested them because they are halfnaakt had to be photographed at one of the temples, two American sisters because they are out in public undressed and three French tourists because they have their genitals were displayed in the sanctuary.

The British ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with authorities in Cambodia. The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs is the case to figure it out.

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