Spicy draw Waylon for semi-final Contest

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Spicy draw Waylon for semi-final Contest

The Waylon succeed to the honor of our country to uphold? ©ANP

The organization of the Eurovision song Contest made Monday afternoon is known in which semi-final the participants are to start. Waylon, that the Netherlands represents, makes his debut in the second semi-final.

And this is not an easy task. In the semi-finals, are also traditionally well performing countries such as Sweden, Russia and Ukraine. In total there are 19 countries in this semi-final, only the best decade to flow through to the finals.


The Eurovision song Contest 2018 will take place on Saturday, may 12; the semi-finals on 8 and 10 may. Waylon will therefore be on Thursday may 10, the stage in Lisbon, entering with his song that the hearts of the Europeans (and Australians) have to conquer. There is also made known that he was in the first half of the series at the bowl.

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Although it is still very early to predict how high the eyes are the singer throws, are the bookmakers have already started with their predictions. How clever it is, since there are almost no song has been made known. At the ‘bookies‘ is the singer who, in 2014, with Ilse de Lange, still second at the Eurovision song Contest now on a sixteenth place. Sweden and Russia enter this list. These are two of the opponents of Apeldoorn singer.

Poule des doods?

According to songfestivalkenner Cornald Maas, our country is not beneficial draw for the semi-finals. Although it is still much too early to see the songs on to assess quality, the Netherlands is sometimes classified in countries that in previous editions, nearly always in the top 10 finish. Sweden won Eurovision in 2012 and 2015, and Russia was in those years second. These countries pick up almost any edition of the final.

With what song Waylon ever-discerning European audience is going to try to convince will have to wait. The 37-year-old artist brings in march a new album out with his song for the Eurovision song Contest. This album, listen to the name The World Can Wait.

In the first semi-finals belarus, Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Belgium, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Armenia, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia. In the second semi-finals along with the Netherlands: Russia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Australia, Norway, Moldova, San Marino, Montenegro, Sweden, Hungary, Malta, Latvia, Georgia, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Salvador Sobral; the winner of last year ©ANP


In total to the 63rd edition of the Eurovision song Contest of 43 countries. 38, the first for the final show. The so-called ‘big five’, the countries of the European Broadcasting Union financial the most support, are placed directly this go to: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Portugal also do not have a semi-final to sing because of the profit of the previous year. The 27-year-old heart patient Salvador Sobral last year won the international zangspektakel. The Eurovision song Contest of 2018 will therefore take place in Lisbon. The scores of all songs are given by a combination of the points from a professional jury and televoting.

OG3NE took the final and finished in eleventh place. After the Netherlands between 2005 and 2012 never reached the finals, there seems to be the last years of the rise. In 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017 brought our country to the final. The best performance was of The Common Linnets in 2014, then Waylon and Ilse de Lange, second. Waylon is now going solo try for his performance in 2014 to improve.

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