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Schwartz sends Ostend to the cup final

abd4b98d0b75b9b779e2fd2ecbe7bc82 - Schwartz sends Ostend to the cup final

Ostend switched from Limburg United in the semi-finals. In this re-issue of the final in 2017 drew a defensive intense Ostend so again at the longest end. The Zeekapiteins decided the duel (78-63) from the 28th minute.

Desiron, that two bombs scored, looked also asked against three errors. Lasisi threw Ostend at 12-6 for the first time virtually in the final. The People chose especially the afstandsshot. That was enough, however, not to the lead to take over. After 22-19 increased Ostend with triples of Djordjevic-Salumu and vrijworpen of Jekiri step-by-step are sore. second-to-last second of the first half heard Heath after a duel with Jekiri his fourth error. That was very much against the meaning of coach Pascal Angillis. The refs rebuked his protest by leaving the site with a technical error. Djordjevic opened the third quarter with one vrijworp which he nicely used: 35-26.

With two bombs gnawed Delalieux to the backlog: 46-44. But a kwikzilveren Schwartz led with six points for a 54-45-digits at the half hour. Early in the fourth wedstrijdschuifje had Heath (0 to 7 veldkorven) with a fifth error to the bank. After a steal on Mukubu exceeded Kuridza to 58-47 for the first time, the tienpuntengrens. Ostend and set his teeth in the Limburg prey and bite mer a 10-0 rush still strong in the neck skin.

OOSTENDE: (25, 57 of which 5 are on 21 triples, 23 31 vrijworpen, 20 errors) SALUMU 7-8, DJORDJEVIC 5-6, KESTELOOT 0-0, JEKIRI 8-2,FIELER 5-1, Lasisi 7-2, Schwartz 0-1, Buza 0-0, Mwema 0-2, Myers 1-5, Kuridza 1-4.

LIMBURG UNITED: (20 of 55, of which 12, 34 triples, 11 15 vrijworpen, 27 errors) MUKUBU 5-2n,RAHON 3-5, HEATH 0-0, DESIRON 6-6, UNRUH 2-3, Giancaterino 5-0, Delalieux 0-6, Hertay 0-0, Releford 5-5.

QUARTZ: 18-13, 16-13, 20-19, 24-18

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