Possible up to 100 passengers on missing ferry in Kiribati

c442133025845746776bf72538e137ec - Possible up to 100 passengers on missing ferry in Kiribati

Near the islands of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean is all day search for a missing ferry . According to the president of Kiribati, there were possibly up to 100 passengers.

The ferry, MV Butiraoi, missing since 18 January. The vessel departed from the island of Nonouti and was on his way to the capital of Tarawa, which has two days should last.

Initially, it was a message that the ferry about 50 passengers on board. President Taneti Mamau said Monday that there is, however, possible to 100 people on board were, according to the station Radio New Zealand. Yet according to the president was his government not at the height of the missing ferry to Friday. His cabinet learned that the vessel is not seaworthy.

The New Zealand air force, noted Sunday the eight survivors, who for days in a little boat on the sea had rondgedobberd. They were eventually on board of a fishing boat taken.

According to Paul Craven, responsible for the operations at the reddingscoördinatiecentrum in Wellington, the New Zealand air force the search from. Also, the United States and Australia for help starting on Tuesday at the surgery. Now, it is more than 350,000 square miles searched.

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