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Official: Hanni signs contract with Spartak Moscow for 4.5 years

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The bullet is through the church: Sofiane Hanni leave Anderlecht and plays the next 4.5 years for the Russian Spartak Moscow. The news was confirmed to our editors. Spartak would be a bid of 5.5 million euros in the last instance, still have increased.

Hanni was Sunday evening yet the great giant in the field of Standard. With three goals he delivered Anderlecht personally a tie after the past few weeks, which is often the decisive goals scored. But the difficult relationship with the paarswitte supporters could Hanni convince to do the bid of the Muscovites. The player himself, not even a year ago has become father of Camila, doubted Moscow as the place for his family. Now it turns out he is nevertheless convinced. And also Anderlecht momentum with the sale of its scoring midfielder. Bought Hanni at KV Mechelen away for one and a half million euro and will collect now a multiple: Moscow would be the bid of 5.5 million euros have been raised.


Hanni was the man of the evening at Sclessin thanks to his hattrick, but his last two goals scored came in the French Algerian is also very good way. In a duel with Fai made Hanni throwing a punch towards his opponent. Good for red or not? Referee Delferière had the incident, but decided, after extensive apologies of Hanni to him, not to punish.

Excuses or not, the attacker is risking is still a punishment. The reviewcommissie of the Belgian football association has decided to Hanni to prosecute on the basis of video footage. Hanni may, therefore, have a suspension and/or fined. Next week Tuesday (6 February) determines the Dispute, the penalty for the battle. All will, as it looks now, a suspension to him, in principle, little harm since Hanni to Moscow moved.

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