Mugs and bags make hype The Luizenmoeder complete

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Mugs and bags make hype The Luizenmoeder complete

In The Luizenmoeder out of the embarrassing situations at the elementary school. Photo: AVROTROS

The popularity of the tv program The Luizenmoeder goes much further than just the drietrapsraket in terms of audience ratings (844.000, 1.4 million and last Sunday 2.4 million). The shot in the rose of AVROTROS has now even a carnavalskraker completed and there are mugs, T-shirts, bags and clocks for sale mainly with the statements of Mrs. Ank. Then you know that there is a huge hype.

For those who are not at the many tv-viewers and terugkijkers (even more than a million people); the komedieserie is about a bachelor mother who has to deal with on his mildly thought-provoking situations elementary school in Ivy. The embarrassing scenes are very recognizable for people who regularly on a school playground to find and also teachers will parallels be able to draw their own work.

Fine that you are there

In addition to Hannah (played by Jennifer Hoffman) is primarily Teacher Ank a popular character. Its decisions during episodes is frequently shared on social media, and André van Duijn grabbed her) welcome song in The World Runs By a new carnavalskraker to be played. For the joke, he said afterwards. The two Brothers, Ruddy did not and knutselden quickly carnavalsnummer (‘Hello all, so glad you’re there. Are you for the first time here or have you been known?’) in each other.

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The carnavalskraker of The Brothers Ruddy:

Also different webshops play eagerly in on the emerging hype. On for 7.95 euro mugs to purchase with texts of Teacher Ank. ‘Not waving. Not waving. Now. Not. More. Swing!’, ‘We think that’s not weird, that we’re very’, ‘Stamp with your feet, put your hands in your side’, and so on.

For owner Kim Soeting started as a joke. “On the playground is incredibly much about The Luizenmoeder spoken, especially when we are at a given moment in front of the window of the class were waving,” said the 37-year-old mother of a baby boy of 7. “Around juffendag I sell regularly presents for teachers at my site and last Friday, I took the joke a Teacher Ank mug between. Before I knew it a stream of orders. In the weekends I have dozens of sold and for a one is that quite a lot.”

Especially mugs with texts of Teacher and Ank are popular. Photo:

Also sells mugs, bags and clocks with the most popular statements of the komedieserie. “The mugs are the most popular,” says Marieke Lodewijk from the webshop. “We have been there last weekend with a few hundred sold. Sunday was the best day since our webshop is in the air. Hopefully keeps it hype still.”


For creative people who prefer tinkering away in the pleasures of the hype has Marisca Kenter-Van der Zwaan on tips in a row put on a cheap way to a Luizenmoeder mug. “Buy from the Action to a mug for 1.50 euro and a waterproof marker. Just practice with the letters and you have for a few dollars, a fun gift for the teacher. As a nod to the wave, you can also have a hand of, for example, of cardboard to hang. I love everything, always like to be as cheap as possible, so that all children in the class can participate.”

Mrs. Ank (middle) is extremely popular among the viewers of The Luizenmoeder. Photo: AVROTROS

The blogger wrote in the past have been more about gifts for the teacher. “That blogs are always well read, so I wondered what to do with the hype around The Luizenmoeder could do. There is already so much said and written that I wanted to do something else than just my opinion about the series”, said the mother of two sons. “This way, everyone can have his own original mug. In two days I have a lot of reactions, and there was a clear peak in the number of visitors to see. As the hype for a very long time persists, I think, perhaps, something new.”

This coming weekend will get the craziness around The Luizenmoeder an extra push by the debut of Miss Ank in the TV Canteen. Those mugs are great and all, but a parody, of course, is the most beautiful compliment for AVROTROS.

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