Israel denounces prohibition on use of term ” Polish death camps as a result’

5e268b177688c630bcdb99d42f41dc7b - Israel denounces prohibition on use of term " Polish death camps as a result’

A new Polish law should criminalise to talk yet about ‘the Polish death camps as a result’. From Israel sounds outrage.

Auschwitz, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka: many of the most notorious concentration or uitroeiingskampen of the nazi’s layers in occupied Poland, and are sometimes simply described as the ‘Polish death camps as a result’. But the Polish government wants to that description prohibit. The Chamber of Deputies approved on Friday a bill in that sense, well, that now for the approval of the Polish Senate and president will be presented. The law would impose a fine or impose a penalty to those who terms has the impression that the Polish people responsible would be to the organization of the camps.

For the Polish government, the truth is simple: all Poles were heroes who turned against the nazis, to oppose it, the nuances are nestbevuiling. The reality is more nuanced.

Nevertheless reacted with Israeli leaders reacted bitten on the news. “You can check the history do not change, and the Holocaust do not deny,” said prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Polish ambassador in his country immediately on the mat is called. Reportedly, he gave him the mission to the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, ” my strong opposition to the law to transfer’.

Also, the Israeli president Reuven Rivin join in the discussion. “You can history not distort, they don’t rewrite it, you can the truth not cover up.’ According to his spokesman, he said that ‘every crime, every breach should be condemned, prosecuted, investigated and made public”.

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