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If you find on your smartphone shot a photo back

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You make thousands of photos with your smartphone. But a snapshot find, that sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. On recent iPhones and Android devices is, however, not so difficult. You just need a well-chosen keyword.

Keywords are already since year and day is the perfect way to take in a mountain of digital photos of the requested recordings. The good news is that your so-called tags, these days with the hand. Desktop programs like Photoshop Elements and Apple Pictures are equipped with advanced beeldherkenningstechnologie: each photo is thoroughly analyzed and then automatically classified into one or more appropriate categories. Recently, these algorithms also built into the photo apps of iOS and Android, and they are a pack of smarter than you might think.

Of jetty to zebra.

iPhone users can use this tip to immediately to try out with the Photos app of iOS. If you work with Android, make sure that you Google Pictures you take with the Gallery app doesn’t) and make sure that the backup feature of this application is activated. In contrast to Apple, Google analyzes the images not on the device itself, but in the cloud.

Using the search function of both photo-apps you can then hundreds, perhaps thousands, of keywords to try. You may not think of: from ‘jetty’ to ‘sunset’, ‘autobus’ to ‘zebra crossing’ and ‘act’ (such as a concert) to ‘self-service restaurant’. These examples come from iOS, because we have the most snaps with an iPhone shoot, but the keywords of Android are similar. Of course you can also just search for a location or a person, thanks to geotagging (positioning via the gps chip), and face detection – two features on smartphones for a much longer time are available.

This will be even better

Completely flawless works the fotoanalyse not. So it slips in between the sunsets sometimes a sunrise and appeared in the category ‘food’ with us as a plastic duck. To make this kind of mistakes in the future, Google has the Crowdsource platform developed. Via the same Android app and website, each user can contribute to the quality of Google Photos, and various other services from the search giant, such as Google Maps and Google Translate.

You can also go directly to the Google Image Labeler surfing, a part of the Crowdsource platform specifically designed to improve the accuracy of the fotoanalyse to improve. Click here is simply a category, answer at the work with photos a simple question (such as: this image is a heaven?) and the image recognition will be the next time again a little bit accurate.

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