French Budget minister under pressure after a complaint for rape

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In France minister of Budget Gerald Darmanin under pressure after the newspaper, Le Monde, Saturday revealed that a new investigation is opened following a complaint against the minister because of rape.

The complaint dates back to June last year, but a first study was then without a result are classified because the accusing party did not have enough evidence provided. The alleged victim would now have evidence to provide, when the investigation on 22 January, was reopened. Darmanin served, in turn, in June also filed a complaint due to valselijke accusations. That complaint is still being investigated.

The French minister for Gender equality has, meanwhile, said Monday that Darmanin does not have to blow as long as the court is no formal investigation against him at the start. “Otherwise that would mean that someone could decide tomorrow to lodge a complaint against all the members of the government, which should all resign,” said Marlene Schiappa to French media.

The opposition demanded all of the resignation of Darmanin. “We respect the presumption of innocence, but in the light of such serious accusations has Darmanin no other choice than to resign,” says Laurence Sailliet.

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