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Collection Toporovski then disappears out of the halls MSK

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The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent are closed used for the collection Toporovski, 24 objects Russian avant-garde art, to move to the depotruimte.

Since ten international specialists in an open letter in this newspaper the works ‘highly questionable’ called, the museum is international in a storm path. The museum has, with some delay, done what most of the settings will usually immediately do so. When in doubt, be working out of the public space is removed and the rest again.

‘Work stuck’

The MSK held in the first instance, the leg stiff. When minister of culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD) on 19 January decided to get some work in a lab to be tested, loved the museum to its starting point. ‘As long as it has not been demonstrated to be forgeries, the works, ” said the when.

Last week hamerden various politicians in the Flemish Parliament on the work temporarily. It appears that their concerns have been picked up.

During the closing day were yesterday the 24 paintings and objects of, amongst others, Malevich, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Tatlin from the room removed. Two other pieces from the loan are never prepared.

Expert commission

The museum justifies the change by reference to the expert commission that will soon be her task begins. That will determine whether the museum has a thorough screening is done before the work in-house. They will also all documentation on the work studies, and five pieces to select for a scientific lab.

The cabinet Gatz is still not around with the composition of the commission and it is also not yet clear in which lab research is taking place.

MSK-director Catherine de Zegher says that the removal of the work may contribute to a serene research. “We want the commission unlimited access to all of the work,” she says, ” and we will therefore keep at the disposal in the depot of the museum. They are replaced by works from the permanent collection.’

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