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Belgium in the first semi-final Eurovision song contest

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Belgium is drawn in the first semi-final of the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon takes place on Tuesday 8 may. Laura Groeseneken takes the stage name Sennek, and will in the first half of the evening performance. That has the VRT announced Monday. The order of the performances is not yet determined.

“I had no preference, but think it is a beautiful place,” says Groeseneken. “I have a song, an artist name, and now also a place in the semi finals. The pieces of the puzzle begin slowly to fall into place.’

Groeseneken under the name Sennek occur, including a number of years of music. That she chose to say that because he is ‘a little mysterious’ sounds. ‘And the name also has a personal touch: he comes from my last name Groeseneken.’

In the first semi-final act 19 countries: belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Albania, Czech republic, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Israel, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Armenia, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Estonia and Macedonia. In the second semi-final to take a further 18 countries will participate. Of each semi-final going ten to the finals.

Laura Groeseneken is the third Laura that VRT at the Eurovision song contest sends. Laura Tesoro (2016) and Iris, whose real name is also Laura (2012), went to her for. Groeseneken works according to the VRT still at her number.

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