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Bandé does the season at KV Mechelen: “We have needed him in the fight for conservation”

The Dutch football club Ajax drew earlier this winter, the bag is already open for Hassane Bandé, the hint of KV Mechelen, but Bandé would the season be in the first instance, addressed to KVM. The last few weeks changed to Ajax, however, of thought and wanted the young Burkinees yet this winter to Amsterdam. KV Mechelen decided, however, after a conversation with Bandé that he in Mechelen until the end of this season. “We have needed him in the fight to preserve”, it sounds.

“Hassane is KVM grateful for the opportunity and is still extremely motivated to Malinwa in first class to keep. Although some in the media to the contrary suggest,” says chairman Johan Timmermans.

“He is and remains an exceptional talent that we are not in full final battle of the league let you go. We appreciate highly the attitude of Hassane, who at the age of 19 choose to KVM, to help. No one can guarantee that he is one, two, or no goals. There will voetbalgeluk decide. But his best will do, and we are sure of.”

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