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Baldwin (m.) is Bo (fri.)

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VTM-journalist Boudewijn boudewijn Van Spilbeeck from tomorrow works as a woman. Bo is the first schermgezicht that of gender changes.

A lot of people in her area were already aware, because Boudewijn boudewijn Van Spilbeeck struggling already with her gender identity. When she was 8, she thought all she would have was a girl. And …

A lot of people in her area were already aware, because Boudewijn boudewijn Van Spilbeeck struggling already with her gender identity. When she was 8, she thought all she would have was a girl. And in her adolescence and college years, she started also to dress. Since a quarter of a century she does that not only indoors. But in the VTM News was boudewijn Van Spilbeeck for many years, a nice man with a suit and tie.

Now it turns out that she was already six months into treatment is when the transgenderteam of the Ghent university hospital. In a personal message, that she, after the end of the zevenuurjournaal VTM News spread, she writes that she is hormone therapy and that there are several ‘vervrouwelijkende surgeries’ are planned. Then she comes back on the screen.

‘It will still be a year or more to take for my transition all the way around, and my body is fully in line with my spirit.” Meanwhile, boudewijn Van Spilbeeck on the editorial work behind the scenes. The chief editors and all the colleagues of Medialaan, support her in all ways.

Not exceptional
Annual report are around 170 à 180 adults in the genderteam of the UZ Gent. A sharp increase since 2010, when just 50 were. At the age of 58 year of change gender is anything but exceptional, says professor Guy T Sjoen, who is head of the department. “We also see people who are over 70. Most of the attention goes to young transgenders, but with the older generations, there are many who have long been waiting for, because of their work, the family or the children. They were not always well received by practitioners. Many have their wishes suppressed. We also know that one in three of suicide and has thought of. Only in recent years is the taboo to the end. The internet plays probably a role in it. Also there is no week passed by without that transgender people somewhere in the Flemish press a positive image.’

Caitlyn Jenner
Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck dared the transition fifteen years ago, not because she was afraid of her ‘fanatische job, her friends, and especially my dear family to lose. Recently, her uneasiness as a man forth to life again, stronger. External factors have that process accelerated. She mentions, among more realityster Caitlyn Jenner, in a previous life known as olympic champion Bruce Jenner. “That they 65 took the decision to change gender, I do understand that it is not too late.”

She also refers to fertiliteitsexperte Petra De Sutter (53), a professor at the university of Ghent and politician in the Green, fifteen years ago, the same step has taken and that are widely appreciated due to its expertise. Boudewijn Van Spilbeeck hopes itself in a few years simply as a journalist, to be appreciated and she hopes to also become a positive role model.

Boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, and remains married and has two adult children. She writes: “We are determined to take this difficult journey together and to come to a good end.”

“The majority of couples who have long together, in the beginning together with a transition,” says Gunter Heylen, a psychiatrist at the genderteam. “There is often relief, because the secret is finally discussed. But you can’t predict what the hormones and the whole cover, with the person in question. Nor should the impact on partners underestimated. Fortunately, they are now better supervised. Previously, partners of transgender harshly treated, now they can go to partner groups. However, the relationship will irrevocably change. That they commit to be together, is a good start.’

Cathérine Moerkerke has Bo followed, and brings her story tonight on tv. VTM sends the report at 21: 40 hours. Tomorrow you will read in this newspaper an interview with Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck.

People who have questions around gender, in the Transgender info point on the toll-free number 0800/96.316.

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