Water level river Seine continues to rise

75c44345c8357b29daabe69db657cb94 - Water level river Seine continues to rise

In the French capital, Paris, is the water level of the Seine in the night from Saturday to Sunday will continue to rise. The peak is Sunday night is expected, then the water level slowly again would drop.

The level of the river would, according to the specialised public service for Vigicrues the next few hours still grow to 5,95 m. That is four metres higher than the normal level, but still lower than the peak of June 2016 (6,1 m), and the historical record of 1910 (8,62 metres).

Sunday, handed the water up to the thighs of the Zouaaf, the famous statue on the Pont de l’Alma that is as a popular reference when the Seine river threatens to overflow. Not far from there, to the eiffel tower, the boats on the quay. The authorities are reminded that canoeing on the Seine river is particularly dangerous and therefore prohibited.

In the Parisian region the past few days about a thousand people evacuated as a result of the floods, which are caused by the heavy rainfall of the past few weeks and months. It is expected that the water level is starting on Monday, will again decrease, but will, according to the authorities are very slow to happen. It would still take weeks before the situation is completely normalized.

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