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Tickets Tomorrowland now for triple the price sold on the black market

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It took a Saturday an hour before the first set of Tomorrowlandtickets were sold out. Barely a day later, appeared the first cards on different tweedehandssites, often for more than three times the regular price. VTM News contacted some of the vendors, but they refused the tickets for the official price to sell, and that is punishable.

Saturday was the first round, day and weekend tickets Tomorrowland exclusively for Belgians in the sale. An hour later they were all gone. Not only enthusiastic festival-goers bought the tickets, as it turns out. On tweedehandssites they went into already on, sometimes for three times the price at the cash register to pay.

Found VTM News on a doorverkoopsite a so-called Full Madness Comfort Pass. Normally it costs 380 euro, but the seller wanted like € 860 for. On 2dehands.be was also a hit: ‘price negotiable’, according to the seller. VTM News offered the official price for the cards, but the seller has no ears to.


Although the resale of tickets is not illegal, you are allowed to according to the law no extra charge questions. According to 2dehands.be fines can reach up to 60.000 euro. ‘We are working jointly with the public service for the Economy, that our after is often a list to send the question, you can redirect data of these users who may have tickets in an illegal way have sold, ” says Petra Baeck, spokesperson of the shop, against VTM News.


In order to prevent fraud should a ticket of Tomorrowland be linked to the identity card of the buyer. That can, however, only after the official sale has ended, but it still takes a week. In that time, maps can still be resold and change hands.

The week play is, according to the festival organiser built in, because it regularly happens that people have to many tickets to buy.

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