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Spotify needs artists to pay more for music

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Songwriters get their battle at home: they get in the United States now have a larger share of the revenue from their streamed songs.

Collecting society Copyright Royalty Board has determined. The ruling represents a major setback for services such as Spotify, Apple’s Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, which the creators of songs additional have to go to compensate.

Now get songwriters still 10.5 percent of the proceeds of the muziekstreamingsdiensten. That rate is for the next five years set at 15.1 percent.

David Israelite of interest group National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) is pleased with the ruling. The music industry in the United States must now strongly of the revenue through streaming services, which are significantly on the rise. The NMPA felt that songwriters here much meeprofiteerden.

For Spotify, it means the decision on the other hand a big disappointment. The company complained earlier that it is a lot of money misliep by the high cost of music rights.

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