Russian police inside opponent Navalni

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The Russian police attacked the offices of opositieleider Alexei Navalni. They people started to ask questions.

Roman Rubanov, a supporter of Navalni, wrote on social media that the police to a bomb searched in the offices.

Alexei Navalny called for in as much as possible, big Russian cities to protest against the presidential elections of 18 march. Hundreds of supporters of Navalni were already on the streets because they fear a rigged election. The police wants to prevent the demonstrators, the protests via social media spread.

Unassailable leader

For eighteen years, is Vladimir Putin, the uncontested leader of the country. He dominates – first as premier, then as president for almost two decades the television news bulletins. The young people of today have never otherwise known. Important opponents run are not there. One of the few politicians that have a little life in the brewery, Alexei Navalni (41).

However, the Russian court decides that the politician is not a candidate, because he has been convicted of fraud. However, he continues to campaign, but at the elections. He has no need for radio or television because he is on the social media surfing.


’M in the presidential election of march 18, so not to the question of who will win, because that is Vladimir Putin. What is important, however, is the emergence. The Kremlin wants 70 percent of voters on the leg, but many specialists now fear that that is a bit ambitious.

For Putin, it is important that he meets the outside world can show that his regime still can count on the support of a large part of the population. That is just the point where Navalni and so on and insists: he wants the people to make it clear that the fate of Putin is not in the stone is chiseled. Change is possible, he calls on his meetings.

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