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No losers at Waasland-Beveren and Zulte Waregem

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Waasland-Beveren and Zulte Waregem had to both be satisfied with one point, after a pleasant match was the 2-2. Waasland-Beveren had however the match in hand after the early 1-0, but gave up in the second half completely out of your hands.

Harbaoui and Olayinka made for the West-Flemish the lead but Jens Cools headed home nine minutes before time, the equalizer, yet within. Hamdi Harbaoui seemed with the winning goal to go for a walk, but his goal was rightly disallowed for offside.

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Zulte Waregem

Waasland-Beveren-trainer Sven Vermant could not count on Boljevic by suspension. Ryan Mmaee was his surprising replacement on the flank. Despite the six on six conducted Dury four turnouts by: Marcq, Olayinka, Harbaoui and Derijck came in the team, the Sart, The Mets, Leya Iseka and Heylen gone to the bank.

The first ten minutes there was not much to do. Both teams started cautiously in the competition. Silence before the storm later revealed. Because what followed was propaganda for the football. We recorded a whopping 19 doelkansen in the first half: eleven for Waasland-Beveren, eight for Zulte Waregem. It was Harbaoui the fire to the wick lit. Roef was alert goalkeeping. Immediately followed by a counter from the book of the home team. Angban sent Mmaee, only his first move in the league, at the right time the street in in.

The attacker was just a little faster on the ball than Bossut. Ref Van Driessche did not hesitate and put the ball on the dot. Topschutter Thelin shot from the spot the home team the lead, his third penalty in three games and his thirteen hits in the league. Waasland-Beveren wervelde and went explicitly looking for the double edge. Zulte Waregem saw stars. Already hesitant Morioka and Ampomah the advantage in depth.

After twenty minutes, the Wase storm down and came to the West-Flemish people better in the contest. Olayinka cut well to the inside, Aft tapped the plaatsbal with his fingertips in a corner. Afterwards, it was all Waasland-Beveren what the clock struck, but o what morsten them with the opportunities. This time it was Angban and Ampomah the back of the net. On the other side tested Harbaoui in the turn to the reflexes of the deck-house.

Lid on the nose

Waasland-Beveren started the second half as it started. Bossut had to be appropriate to intervene on the effort of Morioka. And you know, who themselves, the odds are, sooner or later, once the lid on the nose. At the hour suggested Harbaoui things. The Tunisian attacker should be completely binnenkoppen. As a chance you have a goaltjesdief as Harbaoui really no two times.

Five minutes later, struck the deck-house to the fumble and kicked the ball right into the feet of Kaya. Who painted the leather on the head of Olayinka, who nodded in the flight to be handsome within. Essevee actually lead. Afterwards, disappeared the tempo of the match. The striker could barely have a chance at each other play football. From the nothing came Waasland-Beveren still on edge.

On a corner, extended Mmaee against the ball, the revival saved Bossut on shot of Caufriez, but Cools could close binnenduwen. A moment later, it seemed Harbaoui to decide the match, but after consultation with his lijnrechter approved Van Driessche the goal, and rightfully so, for being offside. Goals were not more. Both teams shoot very little with that point.

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