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Niels Vandeputte wins WB-cross Hoogerheide in juniors (and celebrates with a wheelie)

Niels Vandeputte, the final event of the world cup in the Netherlands Hoogerheide in the juniors to his name. The rider of IKO-Beobank left the Belgian champion Jarno Bellens behind. The Dutchman Mees Hendrikx completed the podium. The victory in the championship goes to the Czech Tomas Kopecky.

Immediately after the start, names European champion Loris Rouiller and Belgian champion Jarno Bellens, the race in the hands. The two reason a small lead, but saw halfway through the race, Niels Vandeputte, team mate Rouiller, still aanpikken.

With z’n threes they appeared to fight for the victory but a puncture, beat Loris Rouiller back. So remained Bellens and Vandeputte. In the final lap devoured Vandeputte, the Belgian champion. “When I was in the holes was that Loris and Jarno had left, I decided to take everything out of the cabinet to pick up and try to get them to run. Eventually I was able to the sore seal and the front come and join us,” he says. “In the final lap I saw that Jarno just had to drop out, when I immediately extended.”

“I can finish, of course, is fantastic. After a Belgian championship full of bad luck, this is a nice revenge. And that is exactly a week before the world cup, that is, of course, trust. So I can feel confident to Valkenburg toeleven,” said the winner.

The victory in the ranking goes to Tomas Kopecky with 215 points, the Dutchman Pim Ronhaar is second with 200 points, Mees Hendrix was third, also with 200 points.

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