Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Who was under that wig?

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Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Who was under that wig?

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Constance: be honest; do you have the episode rewound to see if the mole by the image saw during the ‘nothing is what it seems’-command in the park?

Erik: No, but that is still to come. I looked Sunday morning directly after I get out of bed was stepped on (pff, that’s not a recommendation for our dear readers). But the Mole was the blonde wig yet?

Constance: Well, there were so tons of suspicious types around! With hoods, caps, wigs. I’ve made screenshots, but there may still be little point. The blonde wig was in each case a blank (or should I bless white?) of skin and thus, so would Simone lose weight.

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Erik: And Ruben, because that is too long for that blonde wig-type.

Constance: True. The fact is that Stine and Simone an exemption for the group chose and that is suspicious.

Erik: Right, but I can barely think, because I am still sweating (from anxiety) of that horrifying zipline-command between two Georgian blocks of flats which, according to me any moment could collapse. Nice safe helmet they wore on tens of meters altitude!

Constance: Say that!!!! I have also written down: ‘Playmobil helmets!! SCARY!’. Stine walked by the way greatly to moles, but her ‘now I’m not, come a time’. What do you mean? You need to now!

Erik: Indeed. And her vague polsblessure and slow telefoongedrag in the assignment for this was also suspected. But well, it is Stine?

Constance: I don’t know. She looked only some farmer-with-kiespijnerig when the 5000 came along. Olcay, however, was also suspicious with her “I knew exactly which envelope I had to pick it up”. Yes, a blank envelope, as Emilio the 5000 had.

Erik: I found Simone also suspicious. She runs oelewapperig in the round, always in the wrong direction. Then she is the mole, or it is stupidity.

Constance: They took everyone resolutely to the wrong ‘Hollywood star’ and walked away if the job is still only half doorgebeld was.

Erik: Then we sit on a line, mol-fan. She is currently my number 2, after Stine. Those who didn’t, is Jan. I have sympathy for Jan, who goes there at least for. I will be there soon as a Mole-virgin again to find out that he is the Mole turns out to be…

Constance: Haha, a very good one, because I believe him 100 percent as a candidate. And I step off of Loes. I go to Stine or Simone.

Erik: I go all the way with you, boring, eh?! And am after this violence happy that it is now a quiet time for The Luizenmoeder.

Constance: And we think that’s not weird, that we find only very, very special. Until next week.

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