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Kortrijk and Eupen to keep each other in balance

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The match between Kortrijk and Eupen is ended as it began: with a 0-0 on the scoreboard. The CHAMBER of commerce could be a strong first half not capitalise with a goal. Eupen seemed happy with a point, but let up after the gap with KV Mechelen really in depth. The Oostkantonners now have two points at Mechelen, Kortrijk remains stuck on three points of Play-off 1.

Kortrijk was an important ten-day in which the many could win but also lose much. PO1 and cup final, yes. In league was against Eupen and STVV be made clear that the CHAMBER of commerce will play in the battle for a place in the top six and then there was the semi-finals for the cup against Genk, two times on Tuesday. De Boeck changed to a good habit in only one place: after Ajagun, De Smet and Azouni got Lepoint as a offensive midfielder his chance. Immediately the first rise since August 25 for the Brussels after his enkeloperatie.

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KV Kortrijk


The visitors were over again in the degradatieduel with Mechelen, KVM even deeper in the misery pushing. Makelele chose at the society for Mulumba, Leye returned from suspension and took the place in Raspentino.

Too many Anastasiou-time

Kortrijk, since the advent of The Boeck home sense of integrity, took the match in hands. But that happened without a lot of depth and sharpness. The ball was nice and round, but Eupen got every time the time of its organization. Shots from the second line but Chevalier and Rougeaux shots. In between, they had also Eupen bit threatened but Kaminski showed himself alert to the shot of Schouterden.

The last quarter brought the team to the press: the header of Makarenko in a corner, was a first real chance and a little later, Lepoint a schoentip too short. But it was too little, too much Anastasiou-time: calm and cared for football, but without the efficiency and firepower. Kortrijk could be better and that they would, after the peace, in the direction of its own heading to show.

Acid tip

So soon appeared, when Schouterden a doorgekopte ball of Perbet on the cross of Chevalier of the line had to be removed. And when Van Crombrugge a blast of Kumordzi almost not under control. But then fell the attack of the home team yet again silent. Kortrijk was even two times good way, when Garcia after a sloppy uitverdedigen of Kaminski overlobde and a header from Schouterden but little in addition to went.

Also a final offensive of the CHAMBER of commerce was there not more in it, Eupen made without any further problems, the 90-minute round. The first loss of points from the CHAMBER of commerce under The Boeck home and it was, given that luck on PO1, acid. For Eupen it was a precious point, Mechelen, Sunday to Anderlecht, now need two points to make.

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