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King Roger! Federer wins Australian Open after a thrilling vijfsetter against Cilic and picks up his 20th Grand Slam

89d5a85e19766e4528849921fece8f68 - King Roger! Federer wins Australian Open after a thrilling vijfsetter against Cilic and picks up his 20th Grand Slam

Roger Federer (ATP2) has for the sixth time the Australian Open to his name, though he is in there deep. The 36-year-old Swiss was in the final too strong for Marin Cilic (ATP 6). Federer put the Croat side in five sets: 6-2, 6-7 (7/5), 6-3, 3-6 and 6-1. It is for Federer winning his 20th Grand Slam victory. No one did ever better.

For the final was Marin Cilic, there is still sense in it. The Croat posted on Instagram a photo of him and Roger Federer, from when they met on holiday found. “Cheers to the final,” was the accompanying message. A relaxed Cilic, so it seemed.

Cheers to the final @rogerfederer ! #ausopen

A message shared by Marin Čilić (@marincilic_official) on 27 Jan 2018 at 2:32 (PST)

But on the track shrieked the nerves by nearly two meters body. Cilic gave doesn’t belong in the first set. Federer overklaste him on all surfaces, went in the first three game twice, quickly through the storage of his opponent. It was 0-4 for Cilic it realized. Federer played well and rijfde the first set after barely 34 minutes: 6-2.

Cilic had to fast again and that also happened. The Croat could have his own storage now well preserved, and the faith grew. The two gave each other a long time not budge an inch in the second set. At 4-5 gave Cilic a set point on the storage of Federer, but he redeemed that opportunity. We got a tiebreak and showed Cilic is the better. He got another two setballen, the third chance, at last, was the good and the Croat put himself on the same level: 6-7 in set two, the signs were hung the same. It was for Federer in the first setverlies on this Australian Open.

In the third set kept the two together initially well-matched. But at 2-3 knew Cilic a small dip. The number six of the world lost something too easy storage to Federer. That was enough for the Swiss, which are storage, however, could maintain: 6-3 and 2-1 in sets.

Cilic under pressure and for a moment it looked he there under. Federer forced in the first game of the fourth set was the break, but got a victory, not a gift. Cilic fought for what he’s worth, played breakpunten away and came back. At 2-3 turned to the opportunities, as the Croat went for the first time in the finals by the storage of his Swiss opponent. And Cilic went out and about. He picked up his storage and put Federer on his storage again under pressure. The first two breakpunten could Cilic not redeem, but after he has twice the advantage of his opponent wegveegde was his third breakkans or touch. He served the set then neatly: 3-6.

Federer went a fresh suit to attract, and that paid off. He worked a breakpunt of Cilic road and went to the next game by the storage of the winner of the US Open in 2014. Cilic lost with 1-4 re storage, the victory was up for grabs. Federer finished the job in a fast pace and took the deciding set 6-1. After a little more than 3u play was the win for the Swiss favorite.

It is the 20 Grand Slam that Federer wins. He runs out in the all-time ranking. Federer is the first ever to reach the historic cape rounds. Rafael Nadal should already be 16 times rejoice in a Grand Slam final, Pete Sampras stuck 14 times the trophy in the air. Federer won now 6 times the Australian Open, 1 Roland Garros, 8 times Wimbledon and was 5 times the best at the US Open. Federer remains number two in the ATP rankings, Cilic is third.

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